50 Cent is a mogul. He's been making incredibly strategic moves to set himself up for financial success for decades and, lately, he's been seriously reaping the benefits. 

The legendary rapper has transitioned perfectly into the role of a business executive in the realm of television, becoming the go-to man behind some of the most popular shows on air, including Power. With four spin-off series planned and more unrelated shows in the works, 50 Cent detailed his journey in the latest edition of Haute Living.

The showman is currently hard at work on four spin-off series from Power, of which the first premieres next month. In addition, he's also behind For Life, the new Black Mafia Family show, an animated superhero series called Trill League, and a docu-series called A Moment In Time

Revealing some news about his new shows, Fiddy told Haute Living that he will be producing the theme songs for each Power spin-off. 

"Making sure the theme songs are musically good is important to me," boasted the rapper. "Power’s ['Big Rich Town'] was one of the best theme songs I’ve ever heard. Of course, I didn’t get nominated for it, but it sold a million copies. Show me another theme song that people actually want to buy. My career has been that way."

He also touched on his company Sire Spirits, named after his son, which operates Le Chemin du Roi and Branson Cognac. You likely know those brands because they're hashtagged at the end of each one of 50's posts on social media. He told Haute Living that, once his son Sire is the right age, he will be transferring the company over to him. 

"I intend to keep that company for my son," says Fif. "I’ll be giving it to him when he’s old enough. You have to start thinking of these things in advance. I don’t know if I’ll always be around, so this information needs to be passed to him now. He needs to know what’s going on from the very beginning and be all like, ‘I’ve been running this company since I was six!’"

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