50 Cent has managed to stay in the headlines throughout his current visit to the E.U. And he seems intent on making enemies with all of MMG. There was a heated back and forth between Fif and Rick Ross this weekend -- though that's nothing new -- but, in his latest stunt (coming soon after he exposed certain fetishes of ex-girlfriend Vivica A. Fox), 50 took aim at Meek Mill.

During a concert in Sweden, 50 began to speak on the hotness of Drake's "Back to Back," mentioning a few of his favorite lines -- "Gettin' bodied by a singing n*gga" -- before proceeding to clown the target of the diss track: Meek Mill. 

"N*gga started the shit," 50 told the Swedish crowd, referring to Meek's Twitter fingers. "It's like you was picking on someone in the schoolyard, and then the motherfucker--," he continued, before imitating a violent slap-box fight, during which, presumably, Drake put Meek in his place. Watch the clip below. 

Is MMG gonna have something in store for 50 when he comes back Stateside? Knowing Meek, he's probably already eager to respond, though his management will be watching his social media pages with discretion.