Yup, more ridiculous social media beef involving 50 Cent. This time, Rick Ross is out of the picture, and, in his place: actress Vivica A. Fox, whom 50 dated back in 2003. Fox recently appeared on the Bravo show "Watch What Happens Live," where she was asked about 50's controversial comments about "Empire," namely when he said the show's season 2 ratings had suffered because of too much "gay stuff." 

Fox responded by saying she thought 50's remarks were a case of "the pot calling the kettle black," going on to insinuate that her former boyfriend has not been honest about his own sexuality. She went on to back up her implications by citing an old magazine cover on which 50 Cent and Soulja Boy appeared suspiciously close. Fox thought it was Vibe -- though what she was referring to was actually a 2010 XXL cover showing 50 with his arm around a shirtless Soulja Boy (see below). 

When asked to expand on whether she actually meant to reveal that 50 is gay, Fox replied, "No he's not. I mean we had a great time. He just seems like he's got something that's not quite clear," before mentioning the magazine cover. "He just looked like a booty snatcher on that one to me." 

Unsurprisingly, 50 has already clapped back. Well, first Soulja Boy caught wave of Fox's comments, and he shared an Instagram picture of Fox, next to which he joked that his fans could reach her on a new phone number: "1-800-GrannyDesperateForAttention." 50 re-shared Soulja Boy's post, and hit Fox with some dirt he remembered (or, just as easily, fabricated) from their time together. 

"Now she thinks I'm gay because I let her lick my ass," wrote 50. "Wait, I didn't want her to, she forced me, my hands were tied. 50 shades of grey," ending with a rather clever pun.

Yikes. This is 50 were talking about, so Fox should've known she had it coming. 

UPDATE: 50 Cent is still going at Fox, and it doesn't seem like he's stopping any time soon. He even called up Samuel L. Jackson for some advice...

The latest meme -- just wow. As 50 said himself, "Somebody should have told her I'm a Troll." A ruthless one at that.