LeBron James absolutely dominated in Game 3 of the Los Angeles Lakers' second-round series against the Houston Rockets, leading the team to a 2-1 series lead and making history in the process. With that victory, LeBron officially has the most playoff wins of all-time, surpassing Derek Fisher's title. 

With an important game tonight, LeBron looks to pad that record, hopefully fighting all the way until the NBA Finals, where his team is the favorite to take home the championship

His new playoff record has been celebrated by many sports analysts, former players, current players, and more. Even 50 Cent is taking in the moment, seeing part of himself in the superstar and dedicating a post on Instagram to him.

"STOP PLAYING ALL WE DO IS WIN. KING SHIT ONLY," wrote Fif, sharing a picture of himself in a Lakers uniform, pretending to be LeBron James for just a moment. In a second slide, he posts the accomplishment that the all-time great achieved this week.

LeBron and Fif do have some things in common. They've each disrupted their own areas by completely dominating and being the best that they could be and, along the way, they're stirred up some drama. 50 Cent has been controversial because of his incessant trolling, while Bron has made headlines for his offseason decisions, including his infamous move to South Beach and his current stint in Los Angeles.

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Do you think the Lakers will walk away with the win tonight or are the Rockets due to tie the series?