50 Cent is experiencing quite the windfall of success in his foray into TV production and screenwriting. Less than an hour ago, ABC reported the acquisition of two TV pilots, one of which will be executively produced by the neophyte learner. The unborn script will be written by creator/executive producer Hank Steinberg and partner-in-crime 50 Cent. Together they aim to tell the story of an ex-con who ingratiates himself as a criminal lawyer upon his re-admittance to civil society. 

Steinberg and 50 Cent converged on the idea of championing the real-life story of a wrongfully convicted drug kingpin named Isaac Wright Jr, who fought long and hard to overturn his sentence. Wright Jr. was driven to overcome an egregious system, by an urge to re-establish himself as the patriarch of his family. The real Isaac Wright Jr. still works as a legal clerk to this day and has since dedicated his life to Criminal Justice Reform in the ilk demonstrated by Meek Mill, but on a deeper level, and with fewer resources.

As for 50 Cent, he too celebrated his victory (clinching another Pilot) with a toast to the winning team. "I get the green light again here we go. Repeat after me, God is good all the time," he boasted on Instagram, adding the presumptive title to a list that includes The Oath and Power, to name a few.