You've got to think that the higher-ups at STARZ are peeved about Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's constant criticism of the network. Considering he's such a major part of the network's success in recent years with the Power universe and his other television projects, one would expect Fif to filter himself when it comes to shredding his bosses online. In the last few weeks though, he's come after his employers on a few separate occasions, most recently joking about a scene on Run The World that featured laughable continuity editing. 

Video editors know to look for continuity issues in the mise-en-scene when they're piecing together the puzzle behind the boards but on the latest episode of Run The World, 50 Cent quickly noticed something was off when one of the characters had disappearing earrings during a scene.

50 Cent's Instagram post from May 26, 2021

Ella McFair, portrayed by Andrea Bordeaux, was walking down the block with her boyfriend when 50 Cent pointed out that, at times, she appears with large gold earrings and at others, they're completely missing from the scene. This is a pretty big blunder from the editing team and while the lead editor likely already got a stern speaking-to, Fiddy wanted to voice his own frustrations with the network, possibly leveraging himself for an even more prestigious position.

"STARZ needs me! It don't come out right when I'm not involved," said the executive producer of Power, speaking over the scene. "EARRINGs, No Earrings EARRINGs, No Earrings, No Earrings EARRINGS. LMAO," he added in his caption.

Watch the scene below (with additional commentary from 50 Cent).