Usually, 50 Cent is on top of his game. When somebody messes up in public, he's one of the first to make a meme out of it. He's built a reputation on bullying his rivals until they do exactly what he wants. These days, he's all about his coin, asking anybody and everybody to run him his check. He hasn't been keeping up to date with Game Of Thrones because a few episodes ago, the show was the talk of the entire world when they accidentally left a Starbucks cup in one of the scenes and he's only reacting now.

Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

Since the editing blunder, HBO has issued a statement about the flub, removing the cup in postproduction. That's not the only mistake that was made in the final season of the show though. Several plastic water bottles showed up in the sixth episode and in the fifth, Jaime Lannister magically grew his hand back. Don't tell Curtis about those incidents though. When 50 Cent finally noticed the coffee cup that was left in the shot on Game Of Thrones, he just had to say something, taking to Instagram to let out a hearty laugh.

"WHAT A FUCK UP," he wrote. "LMAO Starbucks in 298AC. POWER BABY SEASON 6 on the way. I got some HEAT." As he did a few weeks ago, Fiddy took the opportunity to plug his own show, which is also in its final season. Power was announced to be ending this summer but for those who are in love with the series, a number of spin-offs are already in the works at Starz.