Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent have always had a rocky relationship. The two were once friends but as of late, 50 Cent has reignited their beef, calling out the boxer on social media. A few months ago, Fiddy exposed some of Floyd's text messages to him before clowning him for copping an $18 million watch. Quite the extravagant purchase, Fif claimed that the jeweler had found the one person in the world stupid enough to buy it. Today, 50 decided to take things a little deeper, ruining a happy moment for Floyd and his son and trolling the champ over his alleged illiteracy.

Money Mayweather has said in the past that if he made his millions by reading, he would be perfect at it. However, he does not make the majority of his money by reading. After a boxing highlight page on Instagram uploaded a photo of Floyd and his son at his high school graduation, 50 Cent had something to say and, as always, he did not hold back. In perspective, maybe he should have kept himself from trolling too hard since he ended up deleting the post shortly after but Fif wrote, "He can read whatever you need for you." The savage reply pokes fun at Floyd's inability to read very well, which the rapper and Power producer has spent a lot of time focusing on during their beef.

Did he go too far? Possibly. However, as he's said in the past, he won't censor himself on his social platforms so we have come to simply accept 50's constant trolling. Peep the deleted post below.