The beef never stops when it comes to 50 Cent, and he'll take any opportunity to clown his opponents in front of the masses. His latest victim is Floyd Mayweather, the championship boxer who has been a long time target of 50's.

In a series of Instagram posts last night, 50 showed the world a text message conversation between the two of them. Mayweather is clearly not happy with 50's behavior, telling him that he's fucking with a snitch and that all he ever does it dog people. While Floyd isn't really wrong on that second point, 50 refutes him on his other points and tells him that he always acts crazy when he "fuck up the Money."

In the caption for the first post, 50 writes, "Floyd on his bullshit again, he done fucked that money up. Now he mad about old shit,lm not selling your cars back champ, you are nigga.🤨get the strap."

Not content to just make the one post, 50 came back again four hours later, with the follow up to the conversation. Here, Mayweather says "You don't give a fuck about nobody but Curtis Jackson." 50 Cent, naturally, responds by calling Mayweather out for still being mad about when 50 said he couldn't read.

50 and Mayweather have a long history transitioning between beef and friendship, but it appears that they're back to hating each other again. One thing is for sure, you can expect some more Instagram shenanigans coming from 50 Cent very soon. Check out the exchange between the two below.