With his level of productivity this year, J. Cole could've been nearing retirement for all we knew. As we should've suspected, though, he's been busy prepping his fourth album, 4 Your Eyez Only. Out of nowhere, the album appeared on iTunes today, with a planned release date of Dec. 9. Just like that, much of the hip-hop world is now in a state of pandemonium -- realizing that one of the world's best is about to drop the follow-up to 2014 Forest Hills Drive, which most consider to be his best work. There is already frenzied speculation around 4 Your Eyez Only, but Cole, much to his credit, has kept almost every detail of the project under wraps.

Will 4 Your Eyes Only be similar in makeup to 2014 FHD and will it achieve similar success of the now-double platinum LP? Judging by the early response, Cole's new album will go platinum -- eventually, at least. But will it do so without any features? Will one of the most overused memes in hip-hop receive an update and achieve another year of virality?

If Cole does drop two featureless classics in a row, it will certainly say something about his prowess as an emcee, but let's remember -- some of his best-ever tracks are, in fact, collaborations. And there's no reason he can't drop a great album that involves his peers. With that being said, should he decide to invite some guests along for his new album, here are the five artists who we think would feature most effectively on 4 Your Eyez Only. Unlike most of the projects that have been dropping lately, it's safe to say we can count out a 21 Savage feature. Or maybe not? Jermaine has always appreciated a good surprise.