BeatKing’s “Gangsta Stripper Music” is a brand that’s trusted by gangsters, strippers, the DJs who cater to both groups, and many more. Gangsta Stripper Music 2, released in Summer 2014, was the tape that first earned the Houston rapper/producer widespread coverage on the blogs. The tapes he’s dropped since have been heavy on quality, quantity, and personality. Few rappers are as hilarious or as honest with their fans as is The Club God. Gangsta Stripper Music 3, his first project since March’s Club God 5, delivers on all fronts. 

With 20 tracks in total, GSM3 features Paul Wall, Short Dawg, and Mo3. The impressive production cast includes Stunt N Dozier, Sgt J, GT of Eardrummers, Skywlkr, and BeatKing himself. As always, make sure to stick around for the outro (“I’m Lame”) for nearly 12 minutes of pure comedy, as well as a shout-out to our guy Trevor Smith.