Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck” is an immortal classic, but even so, it took on new life last year when it was re-imagined for a new generation with “Juju On That Beat.” This weekend, the influential crunk group took a hint from the new interest in their music and reunited on stage at the V-103 concert in Atlanta. Later on, they shared some special news with Big Tigger in a post-show interview.

“Crime Mob album #3 is coming up next. 2017,” revealed Lil Jay. On top of that, Diamond and Princess will also be releasing a new project (something they’ve been hinting at for years). “We’ve already started working, so be on the lookout,” says Diamond.

When asked about “Juju On That Beat,” the Mob revealed that they were hesitant to embrace it at first, but eventually came around. “I didn’t like it at first until I went in the club,” said M.I.G. “I didn’t like it ’til we started gettin’ them checks,” added Princess.

Crime Mob’s sophomore album Hated on Mostly was released March 20, 2007, making it almost exactly 10 years since the group has released a project.

Watch their full interview below.