“Stitches is a scumbag,” a rep for 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli told TMZ. “He tricked a child into his van by offering her candy.” 

Knowing the “Brick in Yo Face” rapper, perhaps Stitches lured her in with candy of the nasal variety. 

The hot-tempered 13-year-old who has achieved viral stardom for a catchphrase (“Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”) she uttered on the Dr. Phil show recently showed up at Stitches’ Miami residence for a video shoot. The video appearance was not approved by Danielle’s mother or her management team, who feels the controversial rapper took advantage of their young client in order to profit from her celebrity. 

Stitches had allegedly reached out to Danielle’s management about working with her, and his proposition was reportedly denied, her reps told TMZ. His next move to was to contact one of her friends on social media and offer her cash if she could get Danielle to come to his place for the video shoot. Danielle and her friend can be seen hanging out with Stitches and taking part in the filming of the video in the below footage. 

Through reps of his own, Stitches has denied that any bribery, via cash or anything else, is behind his rendezvous with Danielle, reports TMZ. Instead, Stitches wishes to act as a role model to the teenage sensation. Watch the two notorious Internet personalities share a friendly back-and-forth in the below video clip.