Though there have long been tensions between the camps at HOT 97 and Power 105, the beef usually stays within the confines of music and hip-hop radio. This time, though, the hosts of the former station are now heated at Charlamagne Tha God — the chief instigator on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club — for political reasons. Neither Ebro nor Peter Rosenberg, both of HOT 97, appreciate Charlamagne’s rapport with Tomi Lahren, a controversial political commentator on social media.

Today, Ebro has directed an on-air segment at Charlamagne, making sure to refer to him as the “Cake Soap God” as well as Lenard McKelvey, his government name. “And while I think you’re great at what you do,” Ebro tells Charlamagne, “the problem I have today is that you’re trying too hard to be accepted by mainstream White America.” 

Earlier this year, Charlamagne appeared on Lahren’s web series, TheBlaze, to debate Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance, which seemed to pay tribute to Black Lives Matter as well as the Black Panthers. There’s a rumor, supported by Charlamagne, that Lahren was supposed to be a guest on The Breakfast Club, had her management not cancelled the appearance due to her performance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. 

Ebro’s rant comes after Rosenberg tweeted about Charlamagne this weekend, called him the devil, and vented about how he was normalizing Lahren’s dangerous views. Rosenberg also disapproved of Noah inviting Lahren on his show and even more so of the two of them getting conciliatory drinks after the airing of their conversation. 

Charlamagne made a quip about wanting to ask Lahren, who is firmly anti-Black Lives Matter, if she believes Black penises matter. Then this weekend, Charlamagne and Lahren were spotted walking down the street together in NYC, which undoubtedly angered the folks at HOT 97. 

Ebro believes Charlamagne’s budding friendship with Lahren is evidence of a “slave mentality taking place.” He also accuses Charlamagne of bleaching his skin, which he sees as further evidence of his rival host’s longing to be accepted by White America. Ebro makes sure to point out that he isn’t guilty of the same type of pandering, as he works for a “liberal Jewish company.” It’s unclear if he’s talking about HOT 97 or Apple Music. 

Listen to the whole spiel, befit with many DJ Khaled soundbites, below.