It’s hard out there for the life of a rappers wife or that ride-or-die chick. Once you beat out the competition; the gold diggers, video vixens and schemers, and officially accept the title, your public image changes, usually for the worse. The role of the rappers wife includes extended alone time, which can make you feel like a single mother, cheating allegations and a hedonistic lifestyle of bottle poppin’ and partying. But what’s even more unfortunate is that it opens up your personal life to scrutiny from, well, pretty much everyone.

Chrissy Lampkin of “Love and Hip-Hop” and fiancé to Jim Jones found herself in this exact predicament just a couple of weeks ago. Dec. 29th right before the New Year Chrissy found herself locked up after a bar fight in New Jersey. Unfortunately for her as a rappers ride-or-die chick, her life is forever open to scrutiny from the media.– and we have found 11 other rapper wives just like her. We compiled a list of these women who have been arrested either on their own accord or in association iwth their husbands (many of whom also have criminal records). With trends like this, VH1 and E! will be in the rap-game-exploitation business for some time.