Jewish Cemetery Defaced, Vandals Wrote "Kanye Was Rite"

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Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Ralph Lauren
Over three dozens headstones were vandalized with swastikas and Nazi references in a Chicago suburb.

It has been some weeks since Kanye West erupted on social media. The Rap mogul is no stranger to controversies, but his latest remarks allegedly cost him billions in deals. West took to Instagram and Twitter and unleashed his fury on companies like The Gap and Adidas. Previously, he targeted senior staffers and called them out individually, resulting in multiple temporary bans from both platforms.

However, he didn't face the wrath of a global audience until he made controversial statements about the Jewish community. His anti-Semitic remarks were the catalyst for his alliances falling off one by one, but he gained wide support from white supremacist groups.

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Firstly, images of what looked to be neo-Nazis standing on a freeway overpass with an anti-Semitic sign surfaced. Particularly, they praised West's comments and stated he was "right." Now, things took yet another unfortunate turn after a Jewish cemetery in Chicago fell victim to vandals. According to a report by Vice, over three dozen headstones were desecrated with hateful messages in Waukegan. The city is a suburb of Chicago.

The defacers painted swastikas on some and referenced Nazism on others, certainly angering passersby. A photo of one headstone read, "Kanye was rite."

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On Facebook, the mayor of Waukegan, Mayor Ann Taylor, released a statement. “Hate does not have a home in Waukegan," she wrote in part. "When such incidents occur, our marginalized neighbors are victimized, and our entire community suffers."

“I hope our officers promptly locate the perpetrators of this despicable act and hold them accountable, and I offer my full support to those directly impacted by this vandalism."

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West caused a pop culture divide as his anti-Semitism controversy moves forward, especially in light of his most recent interview. Despite being vilified, he suggested he can't be controlled and stated his late mother was sacrificed.


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