Consequence Calls Out G.O.O.D. Music Artists For Not Defending Kanye

Cons has been an avid supporter of Ye's during this latest debacle and questions why more collaborators aren't coming forward.

BYErika Marie
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When it comes to loyalty, Kanye West has friends who are unshaken by his antics. There have been several sports and entertainment stars who, even in light of his controversial remarks, have defended Ye, often stating that it's the world who doesn't understand the mogul's message. The opposing side hasn't been as kind, but there is a third group who knows West well but hasn't said anything publicly, at all.

Consequence has been a collaborator and good friend of West's for decades, and during Ye's current unraveling, Cons has issued a call. He shared a 12-minute video where he questioned why all of those artists who were signed to Ye's G.O.O.D. Music have stayed silent.

"Where is everybody else at?" he asked in a video. "I'm the only person that got a check with Ye? Huh? A bunch of n*ggas got a check with Ye, they like this though, 'I don't f*ck around like that. I don't f*ck around like that. He's talkin' about me on Drink Champs, I'm out. Oh, he don't want to pay me no more, I'm out.'

He continued: "I don't do the n*gga like that. Pay me, don't pay me. It don't matter, n*gga. I ain't gon' see my man in trouble and be like, 'Oh, yeah, me and him had a one-two about this sh*t.'"

Cons said despite any "one-two" disagreements he's ever had with West, he would always have his back. He also mentioned West's mother, Donda, and how he knew her personally.

"I'm Addressing ALL DRAMA Where is G.O.O.D. Music At???" Cons wrote in the caption. "Ya man is surrounded and y'all just watching 💀👀 N*ggas looking like Track Stars."

His video attracted mixed reactions as people commended him for standing by West's side, while others stated that just because someone may work with Ye, it doesn't mean they have to agree with how he moves. It's clear that Consequence will remain a vocal supporter, which is certainly something West needs as he battles it out in boardrooms as well as the court of public opinion.

Check out Consequence's video below.

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