Kanye West Explains "White Lives Matter," Anti-BLM Stance

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President Trump Hosts Kanye West And Former Football Player Jim Brown At The White House
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After stirring up controversy this week, Ye sits down for a 20-min video interview & details is ideaologies.

Another day, another bout of social media chaos starring Kanye West. The rapper has been in a whirlwind since he debuted his controversial "White Lives Matter" shirts at Paris Fashion Week. This apparently was more than just a design choice; West has repeatedly stated that he is a "White Lives Matter" advocate, even posing in photos with anti-BLM, far-right wing voice, Candace Owens.

Anyone who has spoken out against him has become a target. His Instagram account has now become a frontline for callouts, insults, demands, and threats, and now, West has sat down with CliqueTV. The 20-minute feature shows the Rap icon explaining away his latest controversy in detail.

"At a certain point, it felt like I saw white people wearing shirts that said Black Lives Matter, like, they were doing me such a favor by having a t-shirt that reminded me that my life mattered. Like I didn't already know that. So, I thought I'd return the favor and let white people know, that hey, your life matters, too."

"It's sort of like, when random people will see the documentary and the documentary was, you know, the third chapter, basically was saying, 'Hey, we all love Kanye, but sometimes you gotta turn the camera off on him.' Meaning like, don't listen to everything. Yes, we know he's a genius, but feel free to put him on mute whenever he doesn't align with what we're telling you."

He used the example of seeing people at fashion shows who ask him if he's "good."

"And I'll say, 'Are you good?' So, it's like, Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter. And, it's just simple as that." He also shared why he believes Black Lives Matter is a scam, mentioning that there is "documentation" that proves they've taken money.

"Just as Black people, we're gonna need more than just a t-shirt and a $6 million home. We need what was promised to us, much like we never received our 40 acres and a mule, and that puts us in a position where we feel we have to abort our children to the point that there are more Black babies aborted in New York City than born at this point."

Watch the full 20-minute chat with Kanye West on CliqueTV below.

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