YG’s I Got Issues album arrived this past weekend, and while it has been receiving plenty of praise from both fans and industry icons like 50 Cent, one song, in particular, has earned the West Coast rapper a considerable amount of backlash.

The new project’s fifth title, “How to Rob a Rapper,” has been deemed as insensitive by some in the wake of PnB Rock’s tragic Los Angeles murder last month.

YG poses for a portrait during the BET Awards 2019 at Microsoft Theater on June 23, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET)

“Peep game, I’ma teach you how to rob a rapper / Catch a n*gga lackin’, he slackin’ on IG Live / He gon’ show his whereabouts on accident, he be high / He gon’ show the jewels he wearin’ and the car that he drive,” YG raps on the Mozzy and D3szn-assisted song.

As HipHopDX notes, an accompanying music video arrived on Monday (October 3), bringing even more attention to the situation.

When sharing their thoughts on Twitter, some expressed that the timing of the track’s release was completely inappropriate given the proximity to PnB’s murder. “We live in an age where songs can be removed from albums in real-time,” one user pointed out.

“YG’s ‘How to Rob A Rapper’ should have been taken off considering PnB Rock.” Another added, “I ain’t saying YG dissing PnB Rock with his new song but the timing is terrible.”

On the other hand, some others have come to the 32-year-old’s defence, writing, “All this is showing that y’all never listened to YG. He has similar songs on previous albums breaking down the L.A. culture. He’s been warning people for like a decade. If the PnB Rock situation never happened that song/music video would still come out.”

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