DJ Akademiks Apologizes For Remark About Reginae Carter

After receiving pushback over his hot take about Reginae's romances, Akademiks is admitting to his wrongs.

BYErika Marie

Things have been tense for DJ Akademiks over the last few days and while other similar news cycles usually let up around this time, the blogger remains a hot topic. Akademiks has not only ruffled feathers with his remarks about Hip Hop pioneers, but while on Twitch, he decided to target Reginae Carter.

The daughter of Rap great Lil Wayne has remained a relatively unproblematic pop culture figure, aside from her prior relationship with YFN Lucci. These days, Carter has been showing off her new rumored relationship with Armon Warren.

Akademiks would go on to speak about the romance, including Carter's past links, while referring to her as a "b*tch." It was something that her mother, Toya Johnson, didn't appreciate—and neither did T.I. or 2 Chainz who came to the 23-year-old's defense.

Today (September 26), Akademiks sat down with The Breakfast Club to detail as many of his controversies as possible as he dubbed himself the "most hated" figure in Hip Hop, currently. During the chat, it only made sense that they jumped right into his comments about Carter.

He said he understood why Toya Johnson was upset.

"I was talking about Reginae... I'm cracking jokes. She was with YFN Lucci, caught a RICO, she smooth just dipped on that dude," said Ak, before explaining that he mentioned "a lot of b*tches" in similar circumstances make those moves.

Charlamagne went on to expound about the use of "the b-word," comparing it to fine-line conversations about the n-word. "If you hear the n-word in music, it doesn't bother you, but if someone called your mama that, a woman that you love that, now you up in arms," said the radio host.

Akademiks apologized for using the term. "If she's taking it in that sense offensively, I do apologize," but he added that he doesn't want to be expected to drop "I'm sorrys" every time he uses the word "b*tch" in the future.

Check out the clip below.

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