Orlando Brown Shares Thoughts On Chrisean Rock, "Do You Have An Actual Career?"

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Orlando Brown during New York Premiere of Disney's "The Cheetah Girls" at La Guardia High School
Orlando feels that the industry will soon become uninterested in Chrisean.

Throughout the years, Orlando Brown's career has taken quite a turn. He started as an actor, increasing his popularity with every role, but his recent relevancy has depended on his comical interviews. From talking about conspiracy theories to spreading rumors about people in Hollywood, the 34-year-old has garnered an audience every time he shares his commentary.

Orlando Brown Shares Thoughts On <a href="/profile/chrisean-rock" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Chrisean Rock</a>, "Do You Have An Actual Career?"
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His most recent viral moment had to do with reality television star Chrisean Rock. The 22-year-old is known for being tough and stern due to her relationship with rapper Blueface. The two have made headlines consistently for the past few months by fighting each other and their family members. 

The couple became a topic during a sit-down discussion with Cam Capone News. "The reality is," Orlando said," they need a break... It's just really toxic." While he complimented her plethora of tattoos, he urged that the couple needs some time apart. The actor recalled Chrisean's recent arrest, to which the host responded, "How many times has she been arrested-- like three times in the past month?"

As he has had years of experience in the industry, Orlando alluded that people will soon become uninterested in her persona. "She's not [going to] get a show that way... We've stopped giving money to people that want to be self-destructive and destruct our sh*t," he told the interviewer.

He then questioned what her reality series' brand would revolve around. "Are we just beating on people... or do you have something to offer these little girls that are looking up to you because you're with their idol," he pondered.

Check out the entire clip below. Do you agree with Orlando? Let us know in the comments.

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