Tank Explains Why Tyrese & Ginuwine Didn't End Up On "R&B Money"

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Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank
The singer recently released his praised album and it missed TGT features. "They move too slow," said Tank.

As a veteran in the industry, Tank has a method to his madness. The singer recently shared his 10th and final album R&B Money, and although the project has been widely applauded by music lovers, Tank's fans were disappointed to see that Ginuwine nor Tyrese landed a feature on the record. Appearances were expected, considering that the pair were a part of a supergroup with Tank called TGT that dissolved due to suggestions that getting everyone on the same page proved to be difficult.

Tank visited Majic 107.5/97.5 and was asked why his previous collaborators didn't make the final cut. According to Tank, he reached out but they didn't follow through in time.

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He said that both Ginuwine and Tyrese were interested in being featured on R&B Money but the way they go about creating music didn't align with his timeline.

"They move too slow," Tank plainly stated. "Yeah, they were interested... These guys take long. That's their process. I'm the studio rat. I'm the guy that gets in the studio and does three, four songs a day. Those are the guys that get in the studio and do three, four songs a month. Those are those guys. So, with me, like, when I'm in the moment, you gotta meet me in the moment. It's right now, it's hot right now!" 

However, if people don't want to capitalize on the moment Tank said, "You know what? Thank you so much, I don't need you, I'm out." He added, "It's nothing personal and even to those I called that didn't respond back, it's nothing personal. I don't need features."

Despite not hearing from Tyrese or Ginuwine, Tank did secure a number of noteworthy looks including Alex Isley, Chris Brown, Rotimi, J Valentine, and more. Check out the clip of his interview below.

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