J. Prince Defends Carl Crawford From Megan Thee Stallion, She Claps Back

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Megan Thee Stallion
"Beat me in court, not the comment section," the "Traumazine" rapper tweeted in response to Carl Crawford and J Prince's latest claims.

On Monday (August 22), it was reported that the Houston Hottie is now seeking $1M in damages and allegedly wants a court to legally end her relationship with the record label. Of course, it wasn't long before J Prince and CC responded with a lengthy post, damning the rapper for "consistently and intentionally" breaching her contract with them.

J. Prince Defends Carl Crawford From Megan Thee Stallion, She Claps Back
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"For years we have stood by quietly as MTS and her [management] at Roc Nation has lied about Carl Crawford and his 1501 label," they began. "The truth is that Carl discovered, developed, and fully financed MTS early in her career, which led to a life-changing distribution agreement for her with 300 Entertainment."

The post went on, "From 1501's earliest agreement with Megan, long before MTS was a household name, 1501 generously agreed to give MEGAN 40% of its PROFITS which is substantially more than the customary record royalty that a new artist receives from a record label."

After slandering Roc Nation further, J Prince wrote, "In addition, MTS has consistently and intentionally breached her 1501 contract with impunity for years in ways that are too numerous to list here."

He went on to list some anyway, naming "entering into agreements inconsistent with her contract, falsely claiming publishing shares that belong to 1501, failing to notify, account, or pay ancillary revenue, and releasing albums of outtakes and previously released material" as reasons for the drama, as well as "falsely claiming that she's out of her contract."

"Falsely alleging that 1501 leaked her album when the album was always intended by Megan to be released on 8/19, and where the leak actually hurt 1501 as much, if not more than Megan, rendering her claim to be specious and nonsensical," Prince's post concluded.

Over on Twitter, Thee Stallion was quick to clap back. "I'm so over these grown-ass men trying to take credit away from the work me and my mama put into the beginning of my career," the 27-year-old vented.

"Me and my mom 'developed' my career, I was already known for freestyling and was already working on Tina Snow before I got to 1501. When my mama died I knew a bunch of hood n*ggas who just started a label for the FIRST time were not gonna be able to manage me properly so I got with Roc."

According to Megan, by this point she was "a bigger artist" and had asked to renegotiate, "not leave" her original label.

"They keep signing people and everyone got the same story. Go find all the girls and guys that started over there with me and some of the girls after me... Ask anybody in Houston how that man is a fake ass n*gga, talked so much shit [about] J Prince, now that's your bestie. Ok."

In another tweet she went on, "I only respond when people say mu name so all them weirdo comments [about] 'I'm looking for sympathy and attention' is DEAD... Talk to me and Ima talk back when I feel like it."

"I don't need validation from the internet but I'm not weak either... Beat me in court, not the comment section," she ended her rant.

Tap back in with HNHH later for any updates on Megan Thee Stallion's 1501 Certified Entertainment lawsuit.

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