In 2015, what is beef anyways? Usually, it’s a series of tweets or Instagram posts where artist A is talking smack to artist B. Occasionally, if we’re really lucky, we’ll hear some quality bars, like the ones Drake unleashed on Meek Mill not too long ago (“Make sure you hit ’em with the prenup!”).

Back in the day, beef used to be taken a little more seriously; maybe even too seriously. If rap is a sport, then competition is a part of the game, but when bloodshed is a part of the equation, things have undoubtably gone too far. Let us make things clear, we don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but we would love to see some more music pop up out of all these little feuds we hear about.

From The Game and Young Thug to Ghostface Killah and Action Bronson, there’s speculated (and legitimate) beef all over the blogosphere, but rarely does it yield good music. Here are the ten diss tracks we want to hear.

The Game on Young Thug 

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

Most recently, the beef-buzz has been about The Game and Young Thug. The two MCs had a little tiff back when Lil Wayne and Young Thug had words over the Carter 6 title that Thug was going to adopt for his mixtape. The problem opened back up when The Game took a jab at Young Thug on The Breakfast Club. Game’s bars can be tough, and we’d like to hear him open up on Thugger instead of just posting on social media about it. It would be pretty good hype material for The Documentary 2 too, yeah?

Young Thug on Lil Wayne

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

Wayne has longevity, but Young Thug has more hype than him at the moment. Even many of Wayne’s fans think that his best days are behind him, while Thugger’s stock boosts each week with new releases and respect from critics and fans alike. After allegedly being involved in Wayne’s tour bus shooting, and of course jacking Wayne’s steez by calling his mixtape Barter 6, Thugger should hop on a beat and let us know what’s really good. 

Even though the two appeared on Thugger’s latest mixtape together, we still haven’t heard the come-back for this…

Young Jeezy on Freddie Gibbs

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

How do you let a dude drop this track and not have a response? C’mon Jeezy, we’re still waiting a response.

Drake on Kendrick Lamar

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

While we think they’re probably better as friends than foes, rumors of subliminal disses between these two MCs are essentially at an all-time high, with neither MC clearing the air. Drake bodied Meek, sure, but what could he say against Kendrick? And vice versa…either option could make for interesting listening.

Azealia Banks on Iggy Azalea 

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

So Azealia Banks is prone to run her mouth at anybody, but one of the more interesting feuds was with Iggy Azalea. The similar names would be great for the marquee, but we’d like to see if Azealia can back up all that Twitter ranting with some quality bars. Good girl Iggy would probably try and diffuse the situation anyhow…

P.S. you could basically replace any rapper name in the place of Iggy, we’d be equally interested in hearing how Azealia would handle a diss towards previous sparring partners like Action Bronson, Nicki Minaj etc etc.

Ghostface Killah on Action Bronson

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

This one might get too real too quick, and we love Bronson, but we want to see if Ghost has it in him to transform the feelings he had in the video below into a quality diss record. Maybe he could do it over a Teddy Pendergrass sample as well?

Joe Budden on Meek Mill

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

So Meek couldn’t hold his own on the Drake beef, but what about Joe Budden? Joe is a rapper who’s had beef with a number of MCs, and always goes pretty hard on the diss tracks. You’ll recall he got in Meek’s line of fire when he commented about Meek’s relationship with Nicki Minaj, somewhat off-handedly. Meek didn’t hesitate to go in on Joe Budden in interviews that followed, but it fizzled out from there.

Peep the G-Unit diss Budden put out years ago. Does he still have what it takes to put Meek to sleep?

50 Cent on Ja Rule

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

Since they reignited the feud, let’s hear some music, yeah? Does either MC have what it takes to assemble a quality diss track in 2015? We have our doubts, but would love to be proven wrong. Not that we forgot about this one…

Lil Wayne on Birdman

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

The two have been at it for some time now, but we haven’t heard a valuable track to attribute to this scuffle. Maybe they’re letting their lawyers do all the dirty work, but we want to hear some bars! If Wayne got specific on a track and detailed what Birdman has been doing wrong in the YMCMB camp, I’m sure everyone’s ears would perk up.

Diddy on Drake

10 Diss Tracks We Want To Hear

When you clear 60 million in a year, the last thing you’re thinking about is making a diss record that goes after one of the (if not THE) biggest rapper in the game. But we didn’t forget about the story last December where Diddy fought Drake over the beat for “0 to 100/The Catch Up,” did you? What would Diddy say on the track? Does he have it in him? We’d listen…