Lizzo Recalls Meeting Prince, Says He Was Supposed To Produce Her EP

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Lizzo, Prince
The singer shares that Prince told her, "You're next," and they discussed him producing one of her EPs, but sadly, he passed away prior to production.

The industry is filled with stories of unlikely connections, and Lizzo recently offered hers during her visit to The Breakfast Club. The hitmaker has been on a promotional tour for her latest album Special, a record where she stands alone. However, Lizzo has been supported throughout her lengthy career, and while we've seen her catapulted into stardom within the last few years, she has been working on her craft for some time.

One person who was instrumental in motivating Lizzo to keep pursuing her passions was Prince, who the singer reportedly met at his Paisley Park estate. “God it makes me so sad thinking and talking about it,” Lizzo said of Prince's passing in 2016.

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According to Lizzo, Prince was slated to produce an EP for her. She revisited meeting the icon, saying that after she received the Paisley Park invite to watch a Prince concert, she got there as quickly as possible hoping that she would be able to see Prince perform his classic hit, "Purple Rain."

“It was one of the most amazing concerts, and then he did ‘Purple Rain,' and when he was performing ‘Purple Rain’ he started getting emotional and started crying towards the end," Lizzo recalled. Elsewhere she added, “He said ‘Lizzo, you’re next.’ And [he] said it in magazines."

“That was such a big deal to me. I do a lot of things to make Prince proud.” Lizzo also speculated as to what an EP produced by Prince starring Lizzo would sound like and stated she still has the emails of their exchanges about the project.

“I think he wanted me to get weird with it, but you know, we’ll never know. That makes me sad.”

Check out Lizzo's appearance on The Breakfast Club in full below.


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