Mattel Sues Rap Snacks Over Nicki Minaj's "Barbie-Que Honey Truffle" Chips: Report

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Nicki Minaj

The rapper hasn't been named in the lawsuit, but Mattel accuses Rap Snacks Inc of infringing on their trademark.

She has carried the Barbie aesthetic throughout her career and even has a fanbase known as "Barbz," but Mattel is going to court over their brand. Barbie is an iconic staple in the industry, whether kids play with the doll as a toy or adults purchase clothing with the signature pink logo. Throughout the entirety of her career, Minaj has adopted the Barbie brand, often draped in pink or wearing "Barbie" chains, but when Rap Snacks named the rapper's chips "Barbie-Que Honey Truffle," Mattel had enough.

According to Reuters, Rap Snacks Inc has been sued by Mattel as the long-standing brand has accused them of infringing on their trademark rights.

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The publication stated that Mattel is looking to block further sales of Minaj's potato chips and are seeking monetary damages. It is unclear at this time if there is an exact number that they have requested, but it was reported that they included in their suit that they wanted sales profits. Mattel was also to have said that due to the name "Barbie" being included in the name of the chips, there was "customer confusion and a false association" with their brand because they sell "Barbie" snacks, as well.

It was noted that Minaj was not named in the lawsuit.

"The association is so evident that upon seeing the packaging, representatives for Defendant's celebrity partner queried whether Rap Snacks had obtained permission from Mattel," the lawsuit reportedly stated. "Indeed, Rap Snacks never requested or received any such permission."


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