Benzino Blasts 50 Cent After He Shows Love To Coi Leray

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Benzino attends the Celebrity Boxing Weigh In at James L. Knight Center
The feud between the former rappers is still ongoing.

Benzino and 50 Cent have been at each other's throats for over a week now. Their beef was initiated after the Power executive producer exposed Benzino for allegedly dating transgenders. Since then, the two have been in an ongoing social media battle.

It's gotten so deep that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star challenged Fif to a boxing match. In a video posted to Instagram by Damon Feldman, the CEO of Official Celebrity Boxing, Zino was seen signing a contract to show his seriousness. Throwing punches into the camera, the 56-year-old said, "Let's throw these right here... You want to be a man about things? Step into the ring."

50 hasn't accepted the challenge, instead, he went after Benzino in another way. The "In da Club" rapper shared a post of Benzino's daughter, Coi Leray, and gave her props. He wrote, "Now would be a good time to stop hating on @coileray. I'm gonna make her show up on your Tv. STOP worrying about a first week WORK."

Benzino Blasts 50 Cent After He Shows Love To Coi Leray
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Fif said "first week" to refer to the criticism Coi got from her album sales in the first seven days. Benzino was seemingly one of those condemning the 24-year-old artist-- though he claimed his page was hacked

Nonetheless, the ex-Made Men rapper was furious after he saw Coi respond to 50's post. She commented "GLG !!!!! LETS GOOOOOOO," and Benzino took to Twitter.

In his first tweet, he accused 50 of being at odds with the Starz network. He wrote, "Hey RATMAN aka 59 I appreciate u putting my Coi on but does she know you and STARS ain’t been seeing eye to eye lately. Well I just got my hands on a federal lawsuit saying that the “BMF” trademark isn’t yours & knew about it & never told Meech or STARS. Big mistake you dummy."

Frustrated that his daughter chose his "opp" over him, he also tweeted about Coi's loyalty. The post read, "You crossed a line with my kid but that’s ok, she’ll have to live with the decision she made to go against her father to deal with the opps. Everyone who is a real person will recognize her disloyalty and it will be her downfall. Smh, people who sell their souls always regret it."

Since making those posts hours ago, Benzino has come back to the platform and said a few more things. Read his tweets down below. 

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