G Herbo Reacts To Ari Fletcher Claiming He Ignored Son's Complaints About Taina Williams

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Taina Williams, G Herbo
Fletcher has accused Herbo's pregnant fiancée of child abuse.

In an unexpected turn today (March 31), the internet sat back and watched blistering allegations against Taina Williams cast a shadow over the expectant mother. Williams is preparing to welcome her second child with G Herbo, but explosive allegations of abuse surfaced after the rapper's ex, Ari Fletcher, revealed that their son Yosohn told her that Williams hurt him.

"Tell them how my son came home with a scar on him and saying what Taina did to him while you wasn't home and even tho he told you out his own mouth what she did and he was crying and she didn't help him and she's mean to him and he don't like her and the sh*t happened while you wasn't home," Fletcher wrote on Instagram in a message directed toward Herbo.

Taina came forward with a lengthy statement of her own, denying that she would hurt Yosohn and G Herbo added his take.

"If y'all believe I'll let anybody on earth mistreat my son y'all ass stupid," he wrote. Fletcher also took to Instagram Live to share a recording of Yosohn recounting what happened to him.

"I’ve allowed you to create false narratives about me in the past, but I will not let you create this narrative when it comes to a child that I have so much love for,” Williams wrote in her own post. "I've always had to hide my love for Yoshon out of respect for you and your wishes." Check out highlights of the back and forth below, including G Herbo's response. 

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