Ari Fletcher Calls Out G Herbo & Taina Williams, Exposes Why G Herbo Hasn't Seen His Son

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Ari Fletcher attends the 2021 BET Hip-Hop Awards
Ari Fletcher states that G Herbo's girlfriend Taina Williams is the reason he hasn't seen his son in a while.

Ari Fletcher blasted her ex G Herbo on Instagram stories calling him out and addressing the real reason he hasn't seen their son—naming his current girlfriend Taina Williams as the problem. 

Earlier today, Fletcher posted a black screen on her Instagram story, accompanied with a long paragraph directed at the "Chi-Raq" rapper and Williams.

"How about to tell the truth for ONCE," she wrote. "Tell them how my son came home with a scar on him and saying what Taina did to him while you wasn't home."

She continued by noting how she gave G Herbo time to handle the situation, which he didn't do properly, questioning Fletcher on how he's supposed to see his son if his son can't see Williams (being that the two live together with a child of their own and one on the way). 

"That's why you haven't seen your son foreal and that's why he probably don't want me to have no other kids because the way your other baby mama treats him."

Fletcher's post comes just a few days after she shared a video of her son Yoshon throwing a fit because he thinks his mom is having another baby. Soon after she shared the video on her Instagram stories, it went viral on Twitter which immediately had users speculating.

Twitter users were quick to begin pulling up receipts as this drama unfolded earlier, finding an old tweet from Fletcher in 2020 about the same topic.

"I don’t want my son in public with her holding him because she told me out her own mouth that Yosohn does not like her. So I don’t want my son uncomfortable."

A little while ago, Williams penned a lengthy post on her Instagram accompanied by a collection of loving videos and pictures of herself and Yoshon.

"I’ve allowed you to create false narratives about me in the past, but I will not let you create this narrative when it comes to a child that I have so much love for,” Williams wrote. "I've always had to hide my love for Yoshon out of respect for you and your wishes," she continued.

Williams then noted that she knew what she was getting into with Fletcher by dating G Herbo, but expected a different outcome.

"I signed up for this even with all the drama that came with it," she wrote. "I've always had hope that we could settle our differences like adults for the sake of our children."

She ended the post by telling Fletcher, "I pray you find the healing you need."

Fletcher soon responded to Williams' post by hopping on Instagram live to talk and share a recording of her son explaining why he doesn't want to be around Williams.

"First of all h*e, delete my son off your page, that's #1," Fletcher said.

She then continued by addressing Williams and G Herbo's lack of communication about the situation where her son allegedly came home with scars on his face. 

"I called y'all and told y'all what happened to my son and ain't nobody call me, y'all waited a whole week," said Fletcher.

"Stop playing with me. All that 'good girl' goody two-shoes you be tryna pull? Not goin' for it. Been not liked you, ain't gon like you, tried it again with your a** and you blew it," Fletcher continued. 

In another clip of the recording, Fletcher continues to address Williams and says she has no reason to lie.

"I'm not gonna sit on the Internet and come on here and lie about my child saying something that he absolutely never said or came home and said to me," she said. "I know that every single time that my baby goes to L.A., he's with you 24/7 his dad is barely even there. Why would I create just this specific time to be mad at the babysitter?" 

In a separate clip, Yoshon explains a situation where Williams threw a pillow at him that hurt him, and did not help him up after he fell.

Back in 2020, G Herbo noted that him and Fletcher had a great co-parenting relationship despite them both having new partners. After G Herbo's legal troubles, the two seemed to have turned over a new leaf with their parental relationship.

It's unclear what's truly going on with this situation, but the back-and-forth shots on social media are never a good thing. 

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