This holiday season has been steeped in love with the slew of wedding proposals, mistletoe PDA and reconciliation between estranged lovers. The latest couple to surface officially is formed by G Herbo and Taina Williams, who happens to be Fabolous' daughter. The couple took to social media to claim each other as the digital era dictates, a la "pics or it didn't happen." The rapper chose a snap of their canoodling, which he captioned, "RICH LOVESTORY❤️" Taina also uploaded her own selection which features a quintessential pose worthy of a romance novel cover. Her caption is as sweet: "Wishing you beautiful moments, treasured memories and all the blessings a heart can know. Happy New Year! 💋"

This joyous news comes after the G's breakup with the mother of his youngest child. She had previously lashed out, angered by his supposed cheating: “And as for Herb, stop acting like you didn’t cheat with that b***h cause you did. You wanted to be like the rest of these rappers so bad and jagged your family while your son was 4 months cause you couldn’t handle me going through my postpartum. So instead of being a real n***a and helping me you escaped and started f****g hoes. She was just one of the many.” Looks like the story might have a happy ending, especially if that ring on Taina's finger means what some fans think it means.