Chris Brown's BM Nia Guzman Accused Of Scamming By "Black Ink Crew" Star Charmaine Bey

The ladies went back and forth on social media to set the record straight—and it all centered around Royalty Brown's IG page.

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Things are getting spicy on Instagram after Nia Guzman was called out for allegedly trying to pull the wool over Charmaine Bey's eyes. The former Black Ink Chicago star and WGCI radio host took to social media to air out some behind-the-scenes business that she said were shady moves by Guzman. Bey reportedly paid Guzman to promote her vegan sea moss gummies on Royalty Brown's Instagram page but according to Bey, it never happened.

"Nia Guzman, Chris Brown's baby mama, is out here scamming small businesses," said Bey. "I'm gonna give you all the tea and all the details... Watch who you give your money to for promo!"

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Once Bey's video went viral, Guzman returned to share her side of the story.

"Clout is a hell of a drug," wrote Guzman. "Hi babe the promo is on my page MAY 2! A reel lol it's there by love and your not blocked... Secondly my love you had send it to me 2x because the first ones was molded [weary faced emojis]."

However, Bey responded, saying that Guzman needed to re-read her contract because the promo placements were supposed to be on Royalty's page, not her own. Bey also told Guzman that the gummies were molded because Guzman left them in her mailbox while she was out of town for weeks.

Chris Brown is staying out of it, but you can check out the exchange below.

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