The drama surrounding Deshaun Watson has been nonstop since March of 2021. Of course, it all started when numerous women began to accuse Watson of sexual assault. Every single accusation was similar in the sense that all of the alleged assault was levied toward massage therapists. These allegations eventually led to upwards of 24 lawsuits, many of which have been settled out of court.

Recently, Watson was suspended for six games, although the NFL is currently in the midst of appealing the decision so that they can give Watson even more games. It remains to be seen how this will play out, but there is no doubt that Watson’s career has taken a massive hit that will be hard to recover from.

Deshaun Watson Accuser Hit With Death Threats
Nick Cammett/Getty Images

According to reporter Aaron Wilson, one of Watson’s most vocal accusers, Ashley Solis, has been going through a very trying time ever since his suspension was announced. As she explains, she has been subjected to numerous death threats.

In addition to this, Solis believes the NFL did not carry out a proper investigation and that there were plenty of holes in their pursuit of all of the facts.

While Solis is unimpressed with the NFL, it remains clear that the league wants to see Watson gone for a lot longer than the judge recommended. For now, however, it still remains to be seen if Watson will be suspended for over a season.