Yung Joc Claims Diddy Told Cassie To Shave Her Head While Out At The Club

He recalled being at the club when Diddy made the demand and Cassie saying “whatever Sean wants, I’m gonna do it.”

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Yung Joc Claims Diddy Told Cassie To Shave Her Head While Out At The Club

After defending himself against T-Pain's "cap" reaction to his last VladTV clip, another Yung Joc moment from his lengthy interview has gone viral. Joc has been dropping off tales pulled from memorable career moments, and in one story, he claimed that at Diddy's request, Cassie shaved her head after he told her to do it while out at a club. Diddy and Cassie dated for 11 years before calling it quits and within months, she had moved on to her now-husband Alex Fine.

"Me and Cassie sitting next to each other, my wife right here, Cassie right here," Joc explained. "The n*gga jumped off the bar, came over, and said, 'Yo, yo Cassie, tomorrow I want you to shave the side of your head."

Yung Joc Claims Diddy Told Cassie To Shave Her Head While Out At The Club
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"I was like, 'What the f*ck kinda request is that?'" the rapper recalled. "So, when I looked up there, this white woman had the side of her head shaved and the b*tch looked good with it. I said, 'Cass, you not 'bout to do that, are you?' She said, 'Well, whatever Sean wants, I'm gonna do it.'"

The singer's head-shaved cut became her signature look for years as she sported the style from one red carpet to the next with Diddy on her arm. It is unclear why Cassie and her longtime media mogul beau decided to pull the plug on their romance, but they've both bounced back. Diddy is now reportedly seeing City Girls hitmaker Yung Miami while Cassie and her husband Alex welcomed two children since 2019.

Check out Yung Joc detailing his story below. 

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