Yung Joc is the latest rapper to join the long list of those in trouble with the IRS. 

Bossip has received a federal tax lien issued to Joc, as well as his ex-wife Alexandra, that demands that the couple pay over $500,000 in back taxes. Apparently they didn’t pay any taxes in 2009 and 2010. The documents states that Joc owes $277,645.52 for missed payments in 2009 and $242,978.56 for 2010. That comes to a total of $520,524.08. If they don’t pay, the government will be eligible to begin seizing Joc’s property. 

Yung Joc hasn’t released an album since 2010, though he released two singles last year, including one with T-Pain. Though it’s unlikely he’s still making bank off his hit singles from 2006, we imagine he’s making decent money as one of the stars on Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta. He does have 8 kids, though, who will eat up a paycheck real quick. 

Best of luck to Joc in getting straight with Uncle Sam. 

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Yung Joc Owes Over $500,000 In Back Taxes