They’ve already announced their good news earlier this month when their baby girl arrived, and now Chad Johnson and Sharelle Rosado are giving a first look at their newborn. The engaged couple has been busy planning their big day, but they had a slight interruption when their baby girl, their first child together, entered the world.

On Thursday (January 27), Rosado shared the first public photos of “Serenity Paula Johnson” who was born on January 2. “She’s such a blessing,” Rosado told E!. “Oh my goodness. She’s adorable.”

On Instagram, Rosado added, “Your first breath took ours away. I’d love for all of you to meet our little princess. She’s doing amazing and I’m loving every minute of it. Chad and I thank you for all the beautiful messages and support for baby Serenity. Her smile melts me every time.”

Rosado also told E! about what life has been like at home with their latest addition. She says her other three children—Ariana, 15, Marcus, 13, and Denim, five—are helpful and hands-on with their little sister. Johnson also has seven other children.

“I have to tell him he can’t pick her up. He gets frustrated,” she said. “He doesn’t understand that she’s very fragile and he just can’t just treat her like a toy.” She also shared that Serenity’s name was inspired by Chad’s late mother, Paula “Hurricane” Johnson.

“Because her name was ‘Hurricane Paula,’ it was like she brought the storm when she was alive. So I was like, ‘You know, something that comes after the storm, there’s always calmness,'” said Rosado. “There’s always peace before the storm…and Serenity just got brought up.”

Congrats once again to the happy couple. Check out Baby Serenity below.