London On Da Track Claps Back At Summer Walker, She Accuses Him Of Kidnapping Their Daughter

Things are getting tense as London claims Summer is holding their daughter hostage while she says the baby had bruises and a burn after staying with him.

BYErika Marie
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Things still seem tense between Summer Walker and London On Da Track. The two once seemed happily in love and even welcomed a daughter together, but things went south during the singer's pregnancy. Soon, Summer was facing off against the other mothers of London's kids in vicious arguments played out on social media to a global audience. Although everyone seems to have moved forward, every so often Walker returns with another complaint about London

"I literally have the worst [baby daddy] on the face of the planet lol," she recently shared. "I can't wait till I can just get some peace." Even so, Walker did express that she wouldn't change any of the decisions she made in the past because from it all came her "perfect bundle of joy."

Walker's post was shared and reshared online, catching the attention of London who slid into The Shade Room's comment section with his take on what has been going on behind the scenes.

"Yu just annoying af bro," he said. "Know u gone get on this new acting like u ain't held my child hostage for 2 months cut that goofy out log off."

Summer didn't appreciate the comment and took to her Instagram Story to issue a response that included accusations of neglect or abuse.

"Hostage [sideways crying laughing emoji] the 1st time I held her 'hostage' was cause when I got my child back she was covered in rashes from head to toe, & you didn't say a word, I didn't find out till I changed her, sh*t the time after that she came back with a bruise on her head, And the time after that a burn on her arm, and the time after that I quote on quote held her hostage."

"You agreed to have her in atl for 4 days but had someone else kidnap her off to la without telling me didn't answer the phone & threatened to not bring her back for no reason like all you had to do was ask," she added. "Cut the sh*t! It's scary to leave children with you cause you don't watch them weirdo. You take your gram pic & leave them with whoever."

Walker threatened to air out London by posting information to prove her point. "You really a class a narcissist." Read more of her message below.


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