The feud between 50 cent and Young Buck has run on for years now, and looks to have no end in sight. The conflict between the former G-Unit members has taken another turn, this time in court, as 50 Cent is trying to block Buck’s attempt to file for bankruptcy. 

Young Buck filed for bankruptcy back in 2020, in the hopes that he would no longer need to pay 50 Cent the $250,000 he allegedly owed him from a 2014 recording contract. The rapper turned TV executive has alleged that Buck failed to meet his contractual obligations, and thus 50 Cent is demanding to be repaid. 50 has also accused Buck of not revealing royalties from other songs that were published under the record. 

“By failing to disclose the Works and the Royalties, including without limitation at his meeting of creditors and in his petition and schedules, Defendant, with intent to hinder, delay, or defraud a creditor, creditors, and/or an officer of the estate, has transferred, removed, destroyed, mutilated, or concealed, or has permitted to be transferred, removed, destroyed, mutilated, or concealed his Property, within one year before the Petition Date, or property of the estate, after the Petition Date,” wrote 50 Cent’s legal team in court documents, per AllHipHop.

50 Cent Attempts To Block Young Buck's Bankruptcy Claim In Order To Get His Bag
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

50 has also claimed that Buck did not make the court aware that he owned a black F-250 truck, nonetheless, Buck has since claimed the truck was totaled and so it wouldn’t add value to his estate.

“By failing to disclose that he owned the Black Truck, including without limitation at his meeting of creditors and on his schedules, Defendant knowingly and fraudulently, in or on connection with the Bankruptcy Case, made a false oath or account,” wrote 50’s attorney. 

50 Cent’s legal team is asking that the courts declare the debts “non-dischargeable.”