Nene Leakes Sued By BF's Wife For Humiliation, Emotional Distress: Report

Leakes denied that she stole anyone's husband but Nyonisela Sioh's wife says otherwise.

BYErika Marie
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

She's been at odds with Bravo TV following her abrupt Real Housewives of Atlanta exit, but that isn't the only legal battle for Nene Leakes. The reality star mogul has reportedly sued Bravo while making claims that they allowed racism to take place during her tenure on RHOA. However, it was reported today that it's Leakes who is being taken to court by the wife of her new boyfriend.

Following the death of Leakes's husband Gregg Leakes, she slowly introduced her new beau, a man named Nyonisela Sioh. According to TMZ, Sioh's wife, Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh has filed a lawsuit against Leakes, alleging that the reality star was the reason her marriage ended. 

Malomine put in her court documents that seeing her husband flaunted on Leakes's social media pages has caused her humiliation, emotional distress, and even a "loss of affection" for her husband. If this all seems farfetched to you, it isn't abnormal; in North Carolina, where Malomine reportedly resides, it is legal for spouses to file such lawsuits and many have scored major victories in court.

TMZ reported that Malomine is seeking $100K in damages, but Leakes quickly hopped online with a video that showed she was with Nyonisela. She returned with another video explaining that she didn't steal anyone's husband, joking that there are enough problems in the world.

Check it out below.


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