Rubi Rose Reveals She's Never Had Plastic Surgery: "Stop Tryna Put Surgery On Me"

Rubi Rose says she has never gotten plastic surgery, explaining why she thinks girls are changing their bodies at too young of an age these days.

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There remains an intense pressure on women -- especially women in hip-hop -- to look a certain way in order to find success. There are constantly rumors about female rappers getting their looks altered surgically as BBL operations have become a big trend in recent years. Kentucky-based rapper Rubi Rose claims that she has never gone under the knife, speaking out against body shamers and revealing that she has never had plastic surgery.

"Ive never touched my body, no shots/bbl/filler/veneers nothing," tweeted Rubi on Tuesday (March 8). "No shade to those that have, but stop tryna put surgery on me. I’ve always been hella skinny with no boobs- and i would feel like a little boy so I’d try and dress sexy and show my bum to be more feminine. But I gained like 20 pounds this past year & now im thick as sh*t. I’m not against surgery at all, BUT I will say I think the girls that are getting it now are too young. You don’t put on your womanly weight till like 24."

Rubi Rose Reveals She's Never Had Plastic Surgery: "Stop Tryna Put Surgery On Me"

She has a point with that last statement... the dangers of plastic surgery have been well documented -- specifically the injuries that can occur from getting a BBL. You can be messing with your own development by getting surgery before your adult body naturally forms, so it might be worth it to wait until later in your life to consider going under the knife.

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