Chief Keef’s hologram benefit show has had a hard time getting off the ground, and while it ended up going down in a secret location yesterday, cops were able to pull the plug after just one song. Keef’s appearance ended up happening at Crazefest in Hammond, Indiana, where artists such as Riff Raff, Tink, and Lil Bibby also performed.

It seems that Keef is the only one to have his set interrupted however, only getting through “Don’t Like” before police shut things down.

The Tribune suggests that cops broke things up around 10:25 AM, asking audience members to leave and cutting the music.

Keef is said to have done his best in misdirecting cops, tweeting that the concert would be happening at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. In reality, the apparently still-kicking blog rock band, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, was playing at the venue, which is really expert-level trolling on Sosa’s part. 

While short-lived, parts of Keef’s hologram performance have made their way online. Before beginning his set, he made sure to support the cause; “Stop the violence, stop the killing, stop the nonsense. Let the kids grow up”.


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Cops Shut Down Chief Keef's Hologram Performance After One Song