If you haven’t checked out Birdman’s latest interview on the Big Facts Podcast, you’re missing out on a lot of game from one of the most prolific hip-hop minds of all time. Birdman is known for helping artists like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, and many others build their platforms, and he took some time this week to discuss some of the most pressing questions about his career to this date, as well as much more, with the Big Facts Podcast.

In addition to an explanation about why he used to kiss Lil Wayne on the mouth and comments about how the rapper could only face off against himself on Verzuz, Birdman also made his prediction for who would be the biggest rapper in the world in five years, and his pick shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Birdman Says NBA YoungBoy Will Be The Biggest Rapper, Drake Will Be The Richest
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Considering his previous praise for YoungBoy Never Broke Again, it makes sense that Birdman would show some love to the currently incarcerated rapper. “I think NBA YoungBoy might be the biggest rapper,” said Birdman. “Ain’t no n***a gone be bigger than NBA YoungBoy, numbers don’t lie, he’s the biggest YouTube artist and he behind the wall. When that lil’ boy get his mind right and he comes from under this bullshit and understands who he is, you know, [Young] Thug and all them, they’re up in age, they’re 30, this n***a 20. And you put a n***a behind the wall, they become smart. They ain’t making him nothing but a monster. So when he gets out, he’ll know one thing. The shit he was doing, he don’t got to do because he can get this lil’ n***a here. NBA YoungBoy, that shit ain’t normal. He nothing normal. He special. Big money right there. I think he’s a billion-dollar n***a, in the flesh. He gon’ get it in touring, merch, music. We can’t do nothing about it.”

During the same interview, Birdman also said that he thinks Drake would end up becoming the richest rapper in the world.

Birdman Says NBA YoungBoy Will Be The Biggest Rapper, Drake Will Be The Richest
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Watch this portion of the podcast below and let us know if you agree.