DaBaby Loses Bowling Privileges After Vicious Fight With DaniLeigh's Brother

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DaBaby banned Bowling Alley

DaBaby has lost his bowling privileges.

DaBaby will no longer be allowed inside of a Southern California-based bowling alley after laying the beats on Brandon Bills, the brother of rapper DaniLeigh. On Wednesday night (February 9), videos surfaced showing DaBaby and his entourage of over five people getting into a fight with Brandon, who was alone. DaBaby seemingly threw the first punch before his team got the best of Brandon, teaching his daughter's mother's brother a lesson in the process.

As the rapper emerges on social media with new photos and shares new freestyles for his remaining fans, the North Carolina-based rapper reportedly will not be allowed inside of Corbin Bowl in Topanga, California anymore. According to TMZ, he and his friends are banned from the spot and will be refused on sight. An employee from the place told TMZ that DaBaby was clearly the aggressor in the fight and Brandon was the victim, handing over video evidence to the police. 

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According to an eyewitness, Brandon allegedly walked up to DaBaby and told the rapper that he did not appreciate what he had said about DaniLeigh and his family in recent months. It's unclear if anything else was said before Baby started swinging.

As for Brandon, he is still allowed to bowl at the Topanga spot, which has been cleaned thoroughly since the bloody fight. According to the staff, one mechanic was working hard for hours to clean up residue from the sugary drink that DaBaby threw at Brandon. It apparently cost $250 in cleaning chemicals to get rid of the stains.

We will continue to keep you updated on all of the latest news pertaining to DaBaby's bowling alley fight with Brandon Bills. Let us know what you think about the rapper getting banned in the comments.


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