“Just A Dream” singer Nelly almost made someone’s dreams come true when he lost $300,000 the other day. Luckily for the rapper, the person who came across the duffle bag containing his missing cash decided to return it, but unfortunately for her, the reward she got for her good deed was substantially smaller than the amount she found. 

“We up here at the bowling alley, she found a bag,” a man filming can be heard saying, pointing his camera at the girl who helped the singer out, watching her crack up as he was talks. “And guess what she do? She gave it back,” he told listeners, revealing his friend’s foolishness.

As he continued to record her, the man behind the camera asks the woman what she got in return. “What they did? Show me what they did,” he insists as she laughs and tries to resist telling him. 

Since the woman won’t provide us with any information, he turns the camera around to face himself. “They gave her $100 f*cking dollars,” he yells, enunciating every word to really drive the point across. 

“They gave her $100 for giving him back $300,000,” he said once more. The video has since been uploaded to @theneighborhoodtalk on Instagram, where viewers have been discussing what they would have done in her situation.

One person wrote, “baby, Nelly would’ve got a prayer from me and that’s all… Bless her heart I guess.” Others added “they only gave her $100?! I mean she’s [definitely] seeing the gates of heaven, but I would’ve snatched that right back out they hands,” and “she’ll get her blessing back in time… Wow at that $100 though lol.”

What would you have done if you came across Nelly’s duffle bag with $300,000 cash just laying around? Drop a comment and let us know.