The name Slim Jesus continues to proliferate in the weeks following the release of his controversial “Drill Time” music video, which now has almost 6 million views on YouTube. Yesterday (Sept. 18), Jesus released his second track and video, “Buck Buck” (already approaching 200K). He also happened to be scheduled as the surprise guest at Chief Keef’s “Bang 3 Hologram Fest” later that night. 

Jesus hinted at his surprise appearance in the afternoon before the show.

At around the same time, the concert’s scheduled venue, the Henry Fonda Theater, cancelled the event, which prompted Keef and FilmOn, Keef’s label and the company hosting the “Hologram Fest,” to move the concert to the parking lot adjacent to the theater. 

Hours into the festival, one song (“I Don’t Like) into the Sosa hologram’s performance, cops shut everything down. 

In any case, Slim Jesus was ready to perform.

Billboard confirms that an imminent Slim Jesus performance was announced immediately before cops shut down the event. 

Though he was unable to perform, it looks like Slim had a pretty good time meeting one of his biggest idols.

Any new thoughts on Slim Jesus now that he has the Sosa cosign? And now that Keef’s backing him, does that mean we have to stop the biting allegations? 

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Slim Jesus Was The Surprise Guest At Chief Keef's "Bang 3 Hologram Fest"