In the past few years, a number of teenage rappers from Chicago have gone viral thanks to breakout music videos filled with violent paraphernalia. The latest is “Drill Time” rapper Slim Jesus — wait, Jesus isn’t from Chicago, he’s from Hamilton, Ohio. But he does make drill music that is clearly indebted to the genre created by young Chicago rappers. Jesus’ breakout hit, “Drill Time,” has caused some controversy and it has prompted other rappers to respond with diss tracks. The latest diss record aimed at Jesus comes from an artist who broke out in similar viral fashion about three years ago — Lil Mouse

Mouse was 13 years old when Lil Wayne remixed one of his tracks, “Get Smoked,” and included it on his 2012 mixtape Dedication 4. Mouse is now 16, two years younger than Jesus. 

Soon after “Drill Time” started to blow up, Jesus became the target of a few diss records over the same “Drill Time” beat, such as this and this — which have both circulated quickly as they’ve ridden the hype of Jesus’ original. Mouse’s new track, which he’s called “Kill Time,” is certainly the most high-profile diss we’ve heard thus far. 

“Kill Time” also comes soon after Slim Jesus has received a cosign from Chief Keef, who selected the Ohio rapper to be a surprise guest at last night’s “Bang 3 Hologram Fest.” As has been Sosa’s luck of late, the show was shut down and Jesus never got to perform. Lil Bibby has also come out in support of Jesus. 

In response to much of the controversy around “Drill Time,” Slim Jesus has said that he doesn’t actually partake in the violent activities he raps about. He does plan to continue making drill music, though, as that’s the music that he enjoys listening to and that inspires him. Unlike Bibby and Sosa, Lil Mouse isn’t cool with that. 

Though Mouse doesn’t explicitly call out Jesus by name, it’s clear he’s the target immediately into “Kill Time.” 

“Why you drill rapping, you ain’t from here / Tired of n*ggas tryin’ to be like us, you tryna drill rap, but can’t come here,” raps Mouse. 

He also (if my ears serve me correctly) proceeds to compare Slim Jesus to the cartoon character Doug. 

“Fake gangstas tryin’ to drill rap / I’ma call him Doug, we expose those” 

He ends the track by rapping: 

“This shit ain’t no game / And this shit ain’t no joke / Don’t rap about it if you don’t be around it / You gon’ fuck around at get smoked”

Thoughts on Mouse’s “Kill Time”? How would you receive Slim Jesus if you were a drill rapper actually living in Chicago? 

Mouse says that a “Kill Time” music video is on the way. 

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Lil Mouse Disses Slim Jesus With "Kill Time"