Kash Doll Shouts Out Her Hernia After Denying She’s Had Work On Her Stomach

Kash Doll denies getting any plastic surgery on her stomach.

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Kash Doll Shouts Out Her Hernia After Denying She’s Had Work On Her Stomach

Kash Doll shared some fan appreciation on her Instagram story Sunday night that caused a mini-uproar on social media. The fan posted to her story that she was motivated by Kash’s stunning physique in her recent IG pics, despite her hernia.

Kash replied publicly on her Stories, while sharing the fan's message, stating, “ain’t nothing wrong with a lil hernia boo!”

Following the post, Kash Doll shared further, "I just hate when people try to say I got work done on my tummy bc of my hernia...like nooo dumb dumb."

The post caused some confusion, with some believing Kash was claiming she never had any work done at all, while others understood that she was referring to surgery on her stomach, specifically.

In the comments of a post shared by @theneighborhoodtalk, a fan offered some perspective stating, “she’s not saying she’s never had work done she’s just never had lipo. You literally can’t get lipo with a hernia.”

Kash Doll Shouts Out Her Hernia After Denying She's Had Work On Her Stomach

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Another fan commented, “It’s been like that for years. Leave her Alone!”

The “Ice Me Out” rapper publicly announced that she had a hernia after facing hate earlier this year on Twitter, nonetheless, it seems the announcement did not hit the masses.



The speculation about exactly what surgeries she's had remains years after Kash Doll initially admitted she had work done, hinting that it was around 2015, in an interview with VladTV.

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