Slim Jesus’ “Drill Time” video briefly took the internet by storm last week, skyrocketing from a measly 15,000 views to over a million in about 24 hours. The video shows the 18-year old rapper rapping such bars as “I got a big 40 with a thirty-clip, and I call that bitch my fuckin’ mop” and waving a gun around and aiming it menacingly at the camera.

But in a new interview with VladTV, young Slim said he isn’t all the video makes him out to be. “I’m not out here catching bodies and shit, obviously. Like, I’m fucking smart,” he said. “I realize that if you got an opportunity to get out of a spot, you shouldn’t, you know, be fucking around and catching bodies and shit.”

He said that his hometown Hamilton, Ohio, a few hours south of Chicago, used to be known as “little Chicago” due to the large influx of Chi-City gangsters who had second homes there back in the day. He told Vlad that he has no criminal record and has never been shot at. He’s not tryna act like as if that was the case, he is just a humble rapper trying to get his career off the ground.

“I make music,” he said. “Granted, I hang out with people, but that doesn’t mean that I’m out here doing some shit tryna ruin what I got going.”

Watch the whole interview below.

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