With his Utopia album on the horizon, Travis Scott apparently has some new heat on the way. During today’s Dior fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, LaFlame, who recently collaborated with the high end clothing brand, decided to preview some new music while the ladies walked the runway, and one track in particular featured NY spitter Westside Gunn. The two had previously teased the collab back in February when they linked up in the studio, which left fans eagerly waiting to hear what they cooked up and now we have that first preview. 


Over a more somber and harrowing beat, Laflame slows the tempo on this one and raps “Baby girl think she in Honolu’ (Wonderful)/ Don’t you know you in the I-5 loop?/ How many chickens fit in the coop? (How wonderful, wonderful)/ Wonderful, she don’t wanna leave/ She jump up, bounce back like trampoline.” Griselda then comes in with his gritty bars and spits “ayo, whip the cocaine to the pop ups/ You was on the porch, I was locked up (I was locked up, ah)/ Two-tone Maybach truck with the Maxwells/ Think a nigga shot somethin’,” he spits.

It’s unclear at the moment what the song is called, but Genius has it listed as “How Wonderful” featuring Westside Gunn AND James Blake, who we’ve yet to hear on it. Take a listen to the snippet (below) and sound off in the comments.

In addition to the Griselda feature, LaFlame also teased another record, a more uptempo rager that will presumably see life on his forthcoming Utopia album. Check that out (below) and let us know what you think!