A few weeks ago, Ari Fletcher, social media influencer and rapper Moneybagg Yo’s girlfriend, took to Twitter to vent about some serious concerns with her health. While the tweets themselves did little to clarify what exactly those concerns could entail, it didn’t take further explanation for “My Neck, My Back” rapper Khia to chime in.

“I’m not okay at the moment,” Ari’s original tweet read. “I have serious health issues going on right now. I’m in pain and I’m down. I will be okay tho. Coming out strong like always! Pray for me, love y’all so much!”


Not long afterward, fans started questioning Ari’s requests for support given her less-than-friendly interactions with them in the past. She’s previously called people on social media and some of her objectors “broke”. 

“She needs prayers from the same people she calls broke 24/7? Ain’t that something,” one fan commented. “Our prayers aren’t too broke for her?” another sarcastically asked.

Ari came right back to Twitter to address the comments. “If I ever called you broke or called you a crate climbing ass b*tch, I was not talking to you when I asked for a prayer,” she snapped.


Recently, Khia echoed fans’ thoughts in a now-viral clip pulled from Khia’s weekly gossip show Gag Order. The issue at hand, as Khia stated, is that Ari “went from pitching quarters at the less fortunate” just to “ask for both their hands to come together and pray, instead of upside her head.” While this isn’t the first time Khia publicly called someone out, Ari wasn’t having it.

“I’m gone get her back wall tore down, rebuild her a nice bookshelf back there!” Ari commented on TheShadeRoom’s repost of the clip, referencing the shelf in the backdrop of all of Khia’s Gag Order episodes. 

See Khia’s read of the situation and Ari’s comeback below.