Jay-Z Deletes IG 24 Hours After Amassing 1 Million Followers

He was on Instagram for 1 day and shared 1 post about “The Harder They Fall” before bowing out.

BYErika Marie
Jay-Z Deletes IG 24 Hours After Amassing 1 Million Followers

"He came, he saw, and he left," is a phrase that could pretty much sum up Jay-Z's experience on Instagram. It was 24 hours ago when the internet imploded after Hov finally added his name to the growing list of celebrities launching Instagram accounts. Jay-Z is one of a handful of mega-famous and-or wealthy figures who avoid social media at all costs. In a time when it seems as if famous figures are showing all sides of their luxury lifestyles to flex on their peers and the poor, Jay keeps his business offline

However, after he went live on IG, millions of posts were made about the Roc Nation mogul's page. Within three hours, he amassed over 1 million followers.

Jay-Z Deletes IG 24 Hours After Amassing 1 Million Followers
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Beyonce has been on Instagram for years and never followed anyone until her husband's arrival. He returned the favor and offered one post about The Harder They Fall, the star-studded film he helped produce. Jay-Z has been spotted at several events to aid in promoting the movie, and on the eve of its arrival to Netflix, it seems that he was willing to add his face to Instagram.

Now that the premiere has come and gone and The Harder They Fall has become one of the top streaming films on Netflix at the moment, Jay-Z has bowed out. Fans noticed that Hov's page has been taken down just as quickly as it arrived. Maybe with the next big Jay-Z project, we will see his return. 

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